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John James Clearance

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Busy April so far, three moves and two house and loft clearance.

We find lots of people don't want to get rid of things over the years so they put it up in the loft, hoping one day it will be needed.

We find carpets, furniture, old papers, toys and suitcases from all eras, and everyone says to us "there's nothing up there just old junk."

One lady who had lived in her house for 45 years said this, and we found a large suitcase full of silver!

She couldn't believe it, she said it was the family silver and she thought it had been sold years ago. We contacted Sworders auction house, who came down and sold it on her behalf.

We have experience in being able to identify items with re sale value and getting our customers good prices for them. Often this can cover the cost of clearance and sometimes leave you in profit!

Our clearance prices are affordable and easy to understand. Contact us today and see what you might have in your loft!

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